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Customer First

In order to provide the best quality to you, YUTA always produce attentively for every step.

Green Policy

As a global citizen and based on corporate social responsibility, Yu-Tai has been keen to facilitate green production mechanism through energy saving, carbon abatement, pollution prevention, recycling and strictly control environmental hazards as the objectives of the company’s green policy.

1. Waste Water Treatment and Pollution Prevention

Waste water is recycled and disposed through waste water treatment facilities, water discharge is regularly examined and water saving measure is applied as per public policy.

2. Air Pollution Prevention

The pollutants are reduced through regulating the manufacture process standards and the potential waste air is purified through the on-site waste air filters.

3. Recycle and Reuse

Through recycling, the iron debris and waste oil derived from the production process can be reused to achieve the objective of “Waste Not” and “Zero Pollution.”

4. Minimal Use of Environmentally Hazardous Materials

To protect the earth and promote environmental protection, all chemical substances for the manufacturing process are under strict control pursuant to European standards.

Green Policy

Certification and Patent

  1. Yu-Tai passed the ISO 9001:2000 certified in 2002Y, passed the ISO 9001:2008 Certified in 2010Y, passed the 3 year general audit in 2011Y, passed the 3 year General audit of ISO 9001:2015 in 2017Y.

  2. Yu-Tai owns the exclusive rights to use the Torx and Torxplus and TTAP and execute the Torx; Torxplus; TTAP Tooling manufacturing and supply.

Certification and Patent

Quality Management System

In light of the belief of “Quality First, Customer Satisfied,” besides full compliance with ISO9001 for rigid implementation of quality control and testing procedures and testing instrument/facility expansion covering all areas of quality, Yu-Tai also follows the quality policy for consumer protection, e.g. quality control and manufacturing process standardization, to provide high quality reliance and meet all product testing requirements for the customers.

”An artisan must well prepare the necessary tools for the professional mastery.” To reach a high quality standard of manufacturing process, Yu-Tai has introduced poly-type professional automated processing machinery, which has not only enhanced operational efficiency and precision but also relatively reduced considerable cost of production for the customers through the straightforward process.

Poly-type testing tools and instruments, e.g. metallurgical microscope, measuring microscope, hardness tester, coating thickness tester and quality reliability tester, are all available at Yu-Tai Quality Control Unit and on site to effectively ensure the standardized quality and earn customers’ satisfaction.

Human quality is the foundation of all types of quality. Yu-Tai values greatly on expertise development and conceptual instillation and execution of quality control for its intra-company employees. All newly recruited on-site employees and existing employees must receive professional training. Every employee at Yu-Tai is the expert in quality control. Yu Tai not only values the quality of manufacturing process in the spirit of equalizing manufacturing industry as a type of service industry but also prioritizes “Customer Satisfaction” as a quality requirement to better meet customer’s demand of quality.

Factory Introduction

Quality Management System



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