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In order to provide the best quality to you, YUTA always produce attentively for every step.

Yu-Tai History and Chronology

Yu-Tai History and Chronology

Yu-Tai Pattern Co., Ltd. (formerly known as “Yu-Tai Precision Co., Ltd.”) was founded in 1992 in the Wuku Industrial Zone, Taipei County and later relocated to the current business premises in the Hwa Ya Technology Park.

With years of experience in research and development (R&D), especially through the header tooling R&D and manufacture, e.g. punches, punch pins, trimming dies, carbide dies, KO pins, and so on, the company has become a leading corporate in the manufacture industry and the inventor of its down brand “YUTA.” Our diverse range of specifications, professional bespoke services and outstanding precision and quality have earned high recognition from worldwide customers.

1992 | 

Yu-Tai Precision Co., Ltd. founded.

1999 | 

The south branch established (in Gangshan).

2000 | 

Acquisition of Tooling Licensee of Torx; Torxplus of CAM CAR / Textron (Acument) and execute the Torx; Torxplus Tooling manufacturing and Supply.

Computerized management and Automatic production introduced and Manufacture process redefined / updated.

2001 | 

ISO 9002:1994 introduced and certified.

2002 | 

ISO 9001:2000 certified and new model of 3-axial CNC machine introduced.

2003 | 

Machinery for two new production lines added.

2004 | 

New company name “Yu-Tai Pattern Co., Ltd.” effected.

2005 | 

2    Generation automated manufacture machinery and CAM software introduced.


2007 | 

Relocated to Hwa Ya Technology Park in Gueishan Township, Taoyuan County and having had optical grinding machines added, titanium-plating technology introduced and Surface Treatment Department established.

2010 | 

Manufacture process system standardized, ISO 9001:2008 certified and 3-D graphic technology introduced.

2011 | 

Numerous processing tools and software of newer generation introduced, including 5-axial processing machine and software, automated wire cutting machine imported from Switzerland, CNC tooling grinding machine and quality control and durability testing machinery.

2012 | 

Preparing for site expansion, introduction of vacuum heat treatment machinery and technology.

2013 | 

Industry academy cooperation with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Machinery and Materials.

2014 | 

New factory build-up and been Acument's TTAP Tooling Licensee.

2015 | 

Vacuum quenching heat treatment furnace and tempering heat treatment furnace been introduction and operation.

2016 | 

New PVD Titanium Coating furnace been installed and operation.

2017 | 

New 2 sets of Tempering furnace been installed and operation
and Acquisition of Torx-Paralobe Tooling Licensee of Acument Global Technologies.

2019 | 

Acquisition ISO/IEC 17025:2017;CNS 17025:2018 certification from TAF

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Along the line, Yu-Tai envisions itself with a good global market standing, engaging business across borders, and through 20 odd years of dedicated investment and development followed a good number of clients that has been paying high respect for Yu-Tai’s top-notch manufacturing technology and quality of products. Meanwhile, in line with the global marketing blueprint, Yu-Tai has expanded its prominent position in the European market. Foreseeably, “YUTA” will soon secure its world class reputation by its name.

Yu-Tai firmly believes that the “customer’s level of satisfaction” reflects crudely the “satisfaction of quality,” thus Yu-Tai continues to improve the manufacture process, increase the tooling lifespan and apply new raw materials so as to boost the product durability. In addition, we endeavors in the research of shortening the cycle time so that the goods may be delivered in the shortest possible time to the customers, which will be able to immediately process the production.

To meet the customer demand in such rapidly changing and multi-cultural market environment, Yu-Tai provides bespoke manufacturing services of punches to the 3C, automobile, architecture & furniture, aerospace and medical industries. We apply persistently ways to test and improve the dies and tools to achieve the capacity of providing all kinds of products to any customer’s special desire insomuch as to maximize customer’s level of satisfaction.

In the fast pacing 21   century of technology development, the requirements for information, efficiency and precision change respectively as well. Despite being taken as a traditional industry, Yu-Tai abides by the principle of “Moving ahead, comes with constant innovative breakthrough.” Besides everlasting development of automated machinery, introduction of manufacturing technology of new generation and insertion of all kinds of 3D graphic/processing software, Yu-Tai has also, in terms of quality control, brought in various precision examination and testing machinery in order to assure that all customers benefit from our top quality goods.


Corporate Business Strategy and Core Values

Corporate Business Strategy and Core Values

Corporate culture represents the soul of the corporate, which materializes to determine whether the corporate can be successful or not and even affects the society as a whole. Nevertheless, corporate culture is developed through the long term nurturing of business strategy.

In the long standing, Yu-Tai keeps abreast of being trusted and recognized by its customers, developing innovative technologies and staying atop quality perfection as the company’s business strategy. Only by gaining customer’s full trust and recognition can a company keep up its stable production and create a win-win position; whereas, consistent pursuit of innovative technologies is the only path to corporate sustainability; hence, maintaining the top quality is universal to our manufacturing process and quality control.

Yu-Tai does not cease to improve its business because of the attainments at any time. We anticipate being in control of the big environment, staying ahead of inventing innovative manufacturing technologies and beholding well-rounded business opportunities in order to excel in the industrial competition. Accumulation of better performance in each endeavor, relative to other proprietors, through total devotion, equals achievements of excellence and only when pursuing excellence step by step can the corporate stay afoot to the sustainable business.

The core values of Yu-Tai are mainly led by “product value (product differentiation),” “service value (customer oriented and knowledge based services)” and “quality perfection persistence.”

1. Product Value (Product Differentiation)

Standardized products can no longer meet most customers’ demand. Among all walks of life, our customers also have to compete with others. To improve their competitiveness, Yu-Tai must manufacture products that satisfy all customers. Hence, we can assist our customers to leverage in their favor. Therefore, Yu-Tai strives to develop new technologies, introduce high-tech automated machinery and perpetually assess the quality and lifespan of products. This is exactly where the core value of Yu-Tai’s punches is.

2. Customer-oriented and Knowledge-based Services (Troubleshooting Capacity)

It is Yu-Tai’s view that relying alone on product differentiation or sales strategy is not enough to stand out in the competition. To flourish from the competitive market, “customer catering” must be positioned as the main commodity to fully furnish and satisfy all customer based necessities. Furthermore, the knowledge-based service (Troubleshooting Capacity) specialized by Yu-Tai can also be so applied to help customers discover problems and resolve anomalies that our customers may be at ease to count on our services.

3. Quality Perfection Persistence

With Quality, there comes value and dignity. “Quality First” has been Yu-Tai’s persistent rule of thumb and the way to maintain customer royalty. Only through insistence on every single detail can there be perfection of quality, increase the end-user value of the products and make Yu-Tai the one-and-only irreplaceable supplier for every customer.




ADDRESS : No. 38, Keji 2 Rd., Hwa-Ya Technology Park, Gueishan Dist, Taoyuan City 33383, Taiwan

TEL : +886-3-327-3333

FAX : +886-3-327-8000

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