Slot Recess Punch

Product Character

Product describe and purpose

Second punch is one of the screw-formed tools, also named punch, heading punch, it's used to form the head of screw. Second punch is replaceable and disposable tools, it's major used to finish the head of screw and the recess shape of screw.(ie. Phillips, Pozi, Hexagon, Square and Six-lobe recess) Made of high speed steel.

Standard norm

JIS, ANSI, DIN, ISO, BS, GB and Customization

Head shape

Flat head, Pan head, Oval head, Binding head, Round head, Truss head, Button head, PF head, Cheese head, Fillister head and Customization

Recess shape

Phillips, Slotted, Pozi, Phillips and slot combination, Pozi and slot combination, Hexagon, Square, JCIS 0#, JCIS 00#, Torx(six-lobe), Torx plus, Torx tamper, Torx/slot, Square/slot, Phillips/square, triangle and Customization

Coating type

Without coating
With TIN coating-yellow coated
With ALiXCN coating-black coated

Standard specification

12x25mm  11.11x25.40mm
14x25mm  14.29x25.40mm
18x25mm  22.22x25.40mm
23x25mm  25.40x25.40mm


12x25mm: 23g/pc  11.11x25.40mm: 20g/pc
14x25mm: 31g/pc  14.29x25.40mm: 33g/pc
18x25mm: 52g/pc  22.22X25.40mm: 78g/pc
23x25mm: 84g/pc  25.40X25.40mm: 102g/pc


Standard 2 weeks
Customization 3~6 weeks


50 pieces



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